Fast Broadband

Next Generation Broadband is coming. Cornwall Council is trying to achieve something that will benefit the whole of Cornwall and Isle of Scilly (IoS). That’s100% Broadband coverage through out Cornwall and IoS. That is no mean feat due to the demographic nature of this County. Cornwall could expect Broadband speeds of up to 100mb. Average speeds in Cornwall range from 1mb – 10mb, so this is a huge improvement.

The cost of managing this is in the region of £4.5 million with £1 million coming from Cornwall Council. The rest is made up of Convergence monies. If this comes off, it will be a great plus for Cornwall, not just for Businesses, but Residents as well. The total project cost is in the region £132 million. This project is expected to run 2010-2015.

I hope it does indeed happen as more and more of our lives are using this type of technology and we will need the technology to enable us to carry out these functions.

Full Report (Here-Item 8)

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