Fairer Funding for Cornwall’s Schools

Cornwall’s schools have for a long time been underfunded compared to the national average. It makes no sense, and it is simply unfair on our schools and young people. This per-pupil shortfall is £154 less than the national average.

The current school funding system is unfair, and out-of-date. These proposals will address some of the imbalances Cornwall faces in its funding.

However, I welcome the news that the Government has announced £350m worth of extra (national) funding. This extra funding is to try and address the imbalances to the per-pupil funding. This is only currently a proposal and is currently being consulted upon. If the proposals do become reality, this extra funding will be for the 2015/16 period.

For schools in Cornwall, and if these proposals come into force, we will see a rise to the per-pupil funding of £54. This equates to an extra £3.5m. An increase of 1.2% on previous years. However it is still £100 short of the national average.

Currently Cornwall receives £4,397 per-pupil. Hopefully from 2015/16 this will rise to 4,451. Plymouth and Devon also see a rise. For Plymouth the amount goes from £4,364 to £4,380 – an extra 500k (0.5% rise). Devon will see a rise from £4,156 to £4,345 – an extra £16.2m (4.5% rise).

It is just a pity the proposed changes do not include Early Years and Special Needs funding. Which the funding formula also needs to be addressed

Though let’s celebrate the positives, and say at least it’s increased funding, that will benefit our schools in Cornwall. As only 62 out of the 153 LA’s got this extra funding.

Though just how far ‘fair funding’ goes is apparent when you look at the per-pupil funding for Westminster. They will see a uplift of £199 per-pupil, considering they are already £1,112 about the national average!


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