Electoral Commission do the numbers on Police Commissioner Elections

Those clever people at the Electoral Commission have crunched the numbers behind the recent Police Commissioner Elections. It makes very sad reading because of the number of valid votes is lower than first thought.

The actual Ballot box turnout (which includes votes rejected at the count) was 15.1%. This is the total number of valid votes plus rejected votes at the count. This was 5,491,038 actual votes. Now if you take out the rejected votes, the percentage falls to 14.7%. This means the number of valid votes was 5,335,143.

The total number of rejected* votes was 155,895 or 2.8% of votes. That is a lot of rejected votes in an election and give weight to those ballot papers that were spoilt on purpose. Like the 6,000 odd in Cornwall.

Let’s hope the Government learns the lessons from this Election, as it was very poorly supported not just by the public, but by Government resources too.

*Ballots can be rejected at the count for the following reasons: want of an official mark; voting for more than one candidate as to the first preference vote; writing or mark by which the voter could be identified; unmarked as to the first preference vote and void for uncertainty (as to the first preference vote).

One comment

  • Bill Chapman

    This was the greatest triumph of the present government, devising unwanted posts, not telling us about the candidates, then still seeing the resultsa as valid depite the appallingly low turn-out. Maybe there are lessons to be learned, but the government would really be listening to the people and gain a surge in popularity if they were to abolish these unnecessary posts.

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