Earn Nectar Points for Recycling?

Sorry if the title raised your hopes of earning a few Nectar points for recycling. Sadly, this scheme is being rolled out in Birmingham and not Cornwall. Personally, I think the idea of trying to make people recycle more by fines and punishments rarely works.

Birmingham’s view is to reward, as then there is something for everyone. The Council gains by not paying the high land fill tax and the customer gets a reward that can be spent in a variety of shops. This method of reward is now being copied by most retailers since the Tesco Clubcard proved to be a huge success. So if these reward schemes are so successful isn’t about time Local Authorities adopted them?

In Cornwall the recycling rate is on average about the 39%. Trying to get more people to recycle a greater amount of their waste is for a lot of Councils the Holy Grail. Leaflets and flash marketing drives only work to a point. Maybe this, or a similar scheme could work in Cornwall.

I will be asking the question on feasibility and possible costs to senior officers once things settle down from the summer period.

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  • Gill Martin

    Sounds like a good scheme. However, what would be good for recycling is a rethink of the receptacles that are currently is use. To have to fill a box and a seperate bag is not ideal. Obviously glass may have to be seperated, but to put out a box which is heavy to carry when full and a seperate bag, which inevitably blows down the street on occasions once emptied, is far from ideal. What is wrong with a small wheelie bin, items could still be seperated, ie, current blue box items at bottom of wheelie bin and bagged items in top of wheelie bin. That would ensure a lack of lifting heavy boxes and also somewhere to leave bag when empty to prevent it blowing away. Wheelie bins need not be financed by council, but should be an option open to residents wishing to recycle in this way.

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