Drivers please watch your speed on Wellington Road, Porthleven

My inbox has a concern about speeding in and around Porthleven. In the past, I have managed to reduce the speed limits on the Porthleven Road and Methleigh Bottoms from 60mph to 40mph. In those calls, I get requests for all sorts of traffic calming measures. However, before any action can be taken, you must have the evidence of a problem; as without that evidence, you cannot get a scheme of works done.

One of the areas of concern is the perceived speed of those travelling along Wellington Road. In response to those concerns, I requested (for obvious reasons I do not tell people) a speed monitoring camera installed to see if there is excess speeding. I have now had the results back.

Whilst there is the perception of speed, when you look at the data the majority of traffic is within the speed limits of the road. As the following two graphs will show.

The westbound levels are higher that the eastbound, but this is from those coming from a 40mph zone to 30mph. When you look at the data further the:

  • Eastbound traffic in the period had 6,882 vehicle movements 73% of all movements were under 30mph and only 1.1% were over 40mph.
  • Westbound traffic had in the period 7,316 vehicle movements with 55.3% under 30mph and 2.2% over 40mph.

What is interesting is the majority of those going near or over the limit are between 2am and 6am for eastbound. Westbound is slightly more even on the under 30mph and between 30/40mph but this is due to the changes from a 40mph to 30mph zone and where the camera would have picked the up.

In summary of the information, and having spoken to highways about the next step, it is with regret there is little formal changes that can be made to the road by means of any traffic calming measures. It really comes down to education and how people need to be more aware when they enter Porthleven from Helston. I will also be talking to the police and see if we can have a little campaign about speed awareness.

Please slow down.


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