Doing It Live

I did a radio interview with a very popular BBC current affairs in Cornwall. The presenter has a reputation for being direct and to the point. I received a call this morning asking if I would speak and answer questions about the decisions that the Parking Panel has made.

Again, I stepped up to the plate. If you make a decision you should stand up and defend that point. I find it difficult to understand when someone who has made a choice that will affect many people will not be open to public scrutiny or answer difficult questions.

I hope I batted well. The presenter did bowl all different types, but I don’t think he took my wicket. The crowd (not hearing it, but told) were a mixed bunch, some support, some along the lines of “who in the hell is this?” and those who might not agree, but kind of understood the method.

Call me nuts, but I even gave my own number out (presenter said could he). I said if someone wants to talk to me about the issues, then ring me and I will listen. It’s of fundamental importance that if you are in a position that affects many, then you should be accessible.


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