Doing Council Business

This will be a quick blog.  A interesting fact came up at this mornings Cabinet. Namely, how much does it cost Cornwall Council for people to access some of its services? The following figures are per transaction for a service (Council Tax)

Internet/CC website 70p
Postal  £2
One Stop Shop (face to face) £20

(edit) I tried to make this a quick point, but I think from a post comment it needs to be expanded.

These figures were give by the Leader of the Council on costings for services. The example used was paying for Council Tax. Now the same rule could be used for other services that are offered online. My understanding the Council would wish more was paid/accessed via the online method. This in turn would save the tax payers more money.

I still believe in the human touch if you have a problem is still the best way to go, but I thought I would highlight this issues as we are facing difficult times for the next few years.

Not saying anything will happen, but I thought these were interesting facts.


  • Stephen Richardson

    I know you said a quick blog but do you mean like for like transactions (for the same thing) or the average cost of a transaction? Are the transaction conducted face to face the same as those on the internet? How were these figures calculated?

  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    My understanding is that the costs were for services you can pay for online like Council Tax.

    Now these figures were given by the Leader of the Council, so I have have to take his word that these are true.

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