Dog ban set to change for Porthleven Beach

A few months ago, I asked residents about amending the current dog beach ban for Porthleven Beach. As highlighted HERE. I put forward a series of changes which were also supported by Porthleven Town Council.

I am pleased to say Cornwall Council have agreed to this request for a change and will be officially changed from the current ban period and timings. The ban will now start on the 1st May and end on the 30th September. The hours of the ban have also changed and will be between 9am and 6pm. The previous ban period and timings were from Easter Day till the 1st October and from 7am to 7pm.

There is no changes to the beach East of Blue Buoy Steps with access for dogs all year round.


  • Doreen Smith

    There are endless miles and miles of walks for dog owners in this part of Cornwall. The beaches make up a very small area and yet the dog owners are not satisfied – they want it all and they will not stop until they get it.
    Can there be a more selfish group of people than modern day dog owners?
    The most crazy of arrangements is to allow dogs on beaches part of 24 hours and ban them from 9am to 6pm as we all know why those early morning dog walkers take their dog’s out at that time don’t we.
    I will guarantee 100% that when families and children arrive on the beaches from 9a.m. onwards there will be dog excrement on that beach. Guaranteed.
    And of course the sand will be drenched in dog urine as dogs urinate practically continuously.
    There really couldn’t be a more unsatisfactory arrangement than a part time day ban.
    When the percentage of dog owners to non dog owners (approx. 15/20% of UK residents are dog owners) is looked at against the amount of year round time they are allowed on the area’s beaches one can see just how disproportionate the dog access onto beaches is.
    We need to reclaim our beaches for families and children.

  • Maum

    Take a look at the dog mess round the village now still, I think that tells you something, and it’s not even the height of the holiday season. What’s wrong with a complete beach dog ban between May and September.

  • Gilly Zella Martin

    Interestingly, I have cleared up from the main beach, more rubbish, plastic bottles, babies nappies, discarded barbecues, etc, during the dog ban months, than dog mess. As far as locals are concerned, we all pay the same council tax for which to enjoy the same provisions. Sadly there will always be a minority that spoil things for others by not clearing up either dog mess or rubbish, but I do not think it is fair to generalise about any one particular user type of the beach. Life I believe is about understanding and tolerance of others and their needs, and trying to live in harmony, and one of the best ways I find, is by compromise, I comment as a regular beach user but not a dog owner.

  • Ruby C R

    I’m not really struck on screaming kids that throw sand all over me and leave their rubbish all over the beach, then have a little wee up the rocks because the parents can’t be bothered to take them up to the toilets but I don’t ask for them to be banned permanently from the beach, so I think the times are quite fair.

  • Wendy Moore

    I have a phobia about dogs, it is something I’ve had since childhood and it is no good dog owners saying ‘Oh, he won’t hurt you’ as that makes absolutely no difference whatsoever. Whether the danger is perceived or real is irrelevant, the phobia is very real. Lots of people have them and whether they are phobias about dogs, spiders, snakes, clowns, heights, small spaces, the dark, whatever, they are very real and often quite debilitating.
    I pay my council tax and have a right to use the beaches as do dog owners under the present rules but it the disproportionate amount of time given to allowing dogs on beaches that is wrong, particularly, as pointed out by another contributor, given the ratio of dog owners to non-dog owners – 20% to 80%.
    For three quarters of the years – autumn, winter and spring and most of the summer I am discriminated against as there is no way I can use the beaches I contribute council tax towards because dogs are allowed on them at those times.
    Would the council discriminate against wheelchair users? I think not, in fact they quite rightly bend over backwards to accommodate them (whether for reasons of altruism or for fear of being sued I’m not sure) so why discriminate against people with mental issues, like myself, in the form of phobias?

  • R Styles

    I walk my dog on the beach and pick up any mess including a 5 litre container of creosote on Tuesday don’t tar all dog owners with the same brush why have the beach empty when responsible dog owners clear up after there dog a lot of us also remove fishing lines, rope, nets, plastic bottles The list goes on and on In the summer its beer and pop cans flip flops buckets and spades.

  • Mick

    I wonder how many people that complain about the small change of dates and times to the dog ban actually bothered to answer the council consultation before the alterations, and how they’ve coped all these years as there’s hardly any difference in the new times and dates.

  • Jim McClintock

    A very naive comment that I hear quite regularly is one that is mentioned in one of the above posts and it is ‘Why have empty beaches when we could have dogs on them?’
    This attitude completely misses the point. The beaches are empty BECAUSE of the dogs.
    When I want to go for a tranquil walk along a beach in winter, as many, many other people do, I can’t because that beautiful tranquility, which so many people come to the West Country in search of, is shattered by the awful barking of hordes of dogs. The noise of a barking dog carries for quite unbelievable distances.
    Just what is wrong with people wanting to go for a peaceful walk on the beach without the constant racket of barking dogs?

  • Mick

    Hordes of barking dogs, there’s more noise from traffic and kids. The beaches aren’t empty because of the dogs, because if the dogs and owners are on there then the beach isn’t empty.

  • roger hinchcliffe

    Good idea to change the beach dog ban times to between 9am to 6pm.
    A better idea would be to also update the signs at the beach access points with the new times.

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