Do you want to be the new CEO of Cornwall Council?

At the last meeting of the entire membership of Cornwall Council, Councillors voted to set up a Chief Officer’s Panel which would have the task of recruiting a CEO of Cornwall Council. Currently, the council has an interim CEO.

This panel has met twice in the last couple of weeks to determine the approach to the recruitment of a permanent Chief Executive. It is chaired by Councillor Fiona Ferguson, and is politically balanced in line with the make up of the council and the council’s constitution.


The panel has agreed that the role should be open to internal and external applicants at the same time. The panel has appointed an independent external recruitment agency to assist them, alongside the support and advice from our own internal recruitment team.

To begin the process a couple of teaser adverts will appear in the Municipal Journal (MJ) this week and next, the post will be formally advertised in the MJ and online in the first week of September, with a closing date of approximately 22 September. It’s intended the final selection process will take place over two days on 17 and 18 October.


  • a benefits assessor

    Andrew Wallis for CEO

  • Kevin Bennetts

    Well here we go again!… what’s the betting that over in England a number of Municipal Maestros will be eyeing up their chances of a lucrative lifestyle and income improving move down the A30 to Kernow at council taxpayers considerable expense seeking to be Lavery mk2.

    No doubt there will be the usual fatuous waffle about sourcing the best possible candidate in the forlorn hope that it will the third time lucky after the disasters of Healy and Lavery.

    What’s wrong with a home grown candidate?… Paul Masters is already in post and appears to be a steady pair of hands… a known quantity at an affordable price.

  • a benefits assessor

    Meeeeeeoooooowwwwww Kevin

  • Kevin Bennetts

    You got it in one Buster… highly paid professionals ( who we the long suffering Cornish council taxpayers nominally employ) still end up recruiting self seeking high fliers who turn out to be nothing more than self contained disaster zones seeking somewhere to occur… in Healey’s case having lasted no time at all it cost another fortune to get rid of her and she still managed to walk straight into an equivalent job back in England.

    What’s with the anonymity I don’t like it, if you have something to say put your name to it.

  • a benefits assessor

    Ha ha. Kevin Bennetts for CEO! Brilliant.

  • Kevin Bennetts

    Don’t think so somehow… if I got past the interview (highly unlikely) I wouldn’t last 5 minutes because the first thing I would do is fire the planners and the traitors who are selling Kernow to the developers… that would get me fired as well so it would be a pointless exercise.

    I just wish that we could get a grip on the development that must happen… infrastructure… jobs… affordable homes… instead of the present insane dash for population growth at any cost without thought for the inevitable consequences.

    Our latest Council does show a little more promise than its predecessor so fingers crossed.

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