Do you qualify for free central heating in your home?

The question is do you qualify for free central heating? You could qualify if you are a home owner, landlord or private tenant. However, to qualify, you need to meet all three of following points:

  1. Recipient who is in or at risk of being in “fuel poverty” residing in property “G” rated;
  2. A domestic premises (dwelling) which is not currently using gas as the primary heating fuel;
  3. Where a central heating system would be installed for the first time

Looking at data for Porthleven, 10% of households have no central heating. For Cornwall, this is 7.2% of households. So there is need in Porthleven. Furthermore, 195 (15.9%) of households in Porthleven are in fuel poverty.  For Helston, it is 535 (10.3%). The England average is 10.4%

The scheme is part of a Public Health led, £2.3m Central Heating Programme, funded by DECC (Department of Energy and Climate Change). Sadly this initial offer is limited to 70 successful applications.  Anyone Social Housing is part of bid already underway and would not qualify under this specific scheme.

For those wondering what a rating of ‘G’ means, here is a explanation of the ‘G’ rating. Your home is likely to be least energy-efficient because for example, expensive to heat, none or little insulation, or inefficient heating such as night storage heaters or plug-in heaters.

To find out more and apply, call Bev at Inclusion Cornwall – 01872 355008,

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