Diamond Jubilee Party supported by Porthleven Town Council

On the agenda at the last monthly meeting of Porthleven Town Council was the proposal to support financially the plans to hold a community event for the Diamond Jubilee on Tuesday 5th June. The town council acknowledges not everyone is a royalist, but this event is not just about celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen, but also the great community spirit Porthleven has.

The town council has agreed to put aside up to £1000 and I have also agreed to put in £300 from my own community fund for this event. A large proportion of this money will be spent on providing all the primary school children who attend Porthleven School, or are a resident of Porthleven but don’t attend Porthleven School with mug commemorating the jubilee . I still remember fondly the mug I received back in 1977.

The plans are still in an early stage and the full day’s program has not been decided. It is hoped anyone who is interesting in helping out on the day, or chipping in will attend a public meeting at the Public Hall on the 5th March. This meeting will start at 7pm. So far, the Harbour and Dock has agreed to provide two small marquee’s, the school some sports equipment, and today I spoke with a member of the schools PTA who was also keen to help out.

However, the basic idea for the day is people to bring a picnic, take part in some fun games, and enjoy themselves. Also plan is to have a  Carnival King and Queen for the day.  The working group led by the Deputy Mayor, Sue Johns wants people to come forward and suggest ideas for the day. It is a well know fact, Porthleven has a great community spirit and this event will add to this spirit.

So, if you fancy helping out, or want to suggest an idea, you can either turn up at the public meeting, contact the town council,  Demelza Storbeck at the Harbour and Dock Company or me.

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  • anonymous

    A significant number of people do not support the idea of an unelected Head of State and to waste taxpayers’ money on such a partisan proposal feels highly undemocratic. I do not wish the queen any ill fortune but I do not see why we should be celebrating 60 years of someone being in an important position in society simply because of her birth. Celebrating birth right rather than merit and hard work disgusts me.
    If you want to celebrate the community spirit of Porthleven then please do so. However, the Jubilee Party is first and foremost a celebration of Britain’s unelected Head of State and continuing lack of meritocracy.

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