Diamond Jubilee Party Planned for Porthleven

A month ago, Porthleven Town Council formed a small working party to looking into the feasibility of holding a Diamond Jubilee party for Porthleven. The working party is being headed by the Deputy Major, Sue Johns along with other Councillors (including me).

The working party met for the first time last Friday, it had also invited representatives from the Public Hall Committee, Harbour and Dock, Porthleven School and the organisers of the very successful Unity Rd Royal Wedding party. The initial meetings aim was just to get the ball rolling on looking for a basic ideas and various locations to hold this event. Yes I know not all groups in Porthleven were initially invited, but they will be invited to a public meeting in February.

It was thought after looking at various locations the location of this ‘whole community event’ was going to take place on The Moors playing fields and will take place during the daytime of the 5th June. The plan is to hold a massive picnic/bring your own food type of event either on tables and chairs (if we can get enough), on blankets, or people bringing their own tables and chairs. The park will be decorated with bunting and flags.

Some of the other ideas thought considered, but not confirmed, were:

  • Jubilee King and Queen
  • Jubilee Mugs for Children
  • Traditional games like tug-of-war, egg and spoon and sack-race
  • Exhibition of pictures and films of past royal and community events

A public meeting will be held in Porthleven’s public hall in February (date and time to be confirmed) when it is hoped lots of people from the town will offer help their support for the event. Whilst the full day’s programme has not been decided, it is hoped at the public meeting, that other groups and organisations will offer help, or hold events during this day

Porthleven is lucky to have a community that is willing to invest time, energy and enthusiasm to create events that help make the town a fantastic place to live, work and visit. It is hoped that the people of the town will once again get together so the towns Jubilee Party can become a day to remember for everyone who was there.

So, the motto for this day is:

‘Come along and be part of it’

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  • anonymous

    Great if this is not costing the taxpayer a penny.
    As a republican I will not be celebrating the fact that an unelected head of state has held a position for 60 years by virtue of her birth. I’m sure she works pretty hard but don’t we all? This is a point of principle. Our continued acceptance of an unelected head of state helps perpetuate other inequalities in society. We need to celebrate achievement through work/merit/determination and not through birth right.

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