Democracy Sold Down the River

I was going to write this blog a few hours ago, but I thought it would be best to take time out and calm down from my disbelief and seething anger at one of the biggest F-yous to democracy I have ever witnessed. The Cabinet of Cornwall Council has undermined democracy by saying it is pressing on with the privatisation of core council services. This is despite the elected body of the council giving a clear and democratic indication it does not support the shared services plans.

The arrogance of totally ignoring the majority of Councillor’s feeling on the strategic partnership plans is staggering. This is highlighted by the fact of the 29 who voted against the motion not to support the strategic partnership, only 18 of those were backbenchers, the rest (11) being in the Cabinet. So in truth, the margin of support to the motion is far greater if you exclude the Cabinet members vote, who were already in favour of the proposals to privatise.

With so many services and more importantly, procurement money (Jim quoted £4.2 billion) being handed over to a private company you would think the Cabinet would respect the council’s view. After all, the council had the same information as the Cabinet had despite the ‘claims’ of new information which was never released.

This total disrespect of the elected view and vote, has I feel put the nail in the coffin in the cabinet system at Cornwall Council. I really cannot see the cabinet system being retained during the Governance Review (that is currently being undertaken) after today’s action by the Cabinet. 123 Councillors have been elected to the council, not ten.

How can anyone have respect for democracy, when the Cabinet disregard the elected majorities view.  It is quite unbelievable.

This is far from over…




  • Love the way you just say it as it is, least they know where u stand

  • Gill Martin

    I have said for a long time that Cornwall Council should change the cabinet system to an alternative, this just reinforces my beliefs. At least you tried Andrew, better to do something than nothing.

  • Gil Martin has one of many views that should be listened too, but in the end a decision has to be made, I don’t know what that will be but let’s not forget the independent have their votes on Cabinet too

  • Leo Penbloedh

    how many councillors were absent?

  • What a bloody disgrace! Why don’t they just come out and say they’d like to do away with elected representatives and have a dictatorship?!!

  • Pz01

    I think you may be wrong Andrew, it’s even worse than your report, the statement put out by Cornwall Council says:

    “Final approval of any successful bid would be given by council’s chief executive, in consultation with the council leader and various cabinet members – including those for environment, waste management, shared services and human resources – the council said.”

    Does this not mean that the decision will be made by an unelected chief executive, after selected consultation with some cabinet members.

  • A benefits assessor

    The webcast of the council meeting was blocked on council computers half way through. That’s democracy for you !

  • Andrew Wallis

    Yes, I heard. I found out the ‘excuse’ today. It was because there were too many people watching it, and not enough bandwith to cope. I asked for the figures of internal viewing, and I was told they were not available. Funny, how they have been in the past.

    Keep reading, as something will be happening in the next few days, and I will need everyone’s help.

  • A benefits assessor

    Funny that, also broadcasted via thisiscornwall website which oddly was not blocked !!

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