Deadline for September Primary School places approaches

I really shouldn’t be having to write this blog post, but I am having to because there are a large number of parents and guardians who have not yet applied (unless they are electing to home educate) for a school place for September.

I must urge you to do this as soon as possible or you might be in a position of not getting your first choice of school. It is hard to believe, but there is still a very large number – in excess of 700 – of children who have not applied for a primary school place.

If your child was born between 01 September 2009 and 31st August 2010, the deadline to apply for a primary school place is 23:59 on Wednesday 15th January 2014. There is no advantage to those who leave their application until the last-minute. Our advice to all parents and guardians is to get your application in now and not to leave it until the deadline day.

Parents should be aware that all applications submitted after 15 January will not be processed until after all those applications submitted by the deadline. There will therefore be a delay before a place can be allocated and it is highly possible that a number of schools will already be full.

Should you have any questions about applying for a school place, please do not hesitate to contact Cornwall’s School Admissions Team on 0300 1234 101 or email

You can apply for a school place HERE

Please apply now, or you might find yourself being disappointed in not getting your prefered school choice.