Council Tax set to rise by 1.97%

Yesterday, Cornwall Council’s Cabinet approved the budget for 2014/15. This is subject to the final approval of Full Council, who have the final say on the budget.  Contained within the overall budget, is a recommendation for a rise in Council Tax of 1.97%. This however, is only one possible increase in the Council Tax bill.  As the Council Tax bill is made up of three parts: Cornwall Council, the parish/town council precept and Devon and Cornwall Police. This will more than likely result in a higher increase in bills than 1.97%.

No-one likes to raise tax unnecessary, but in Cornwall Council’s case, it has little option. This is due to the stinging cuts to the Councils grant, and with the added restraint of a cap on the limit Council Tax can go up without a referendum. It is a bleak picture, as the Council is having to find £196m in savings on top of the £170m reduction in the last four years.

The big question is how do we deal with the cuts and at the same time deal with a greater demand on our services? And for that question to be answered, we need the public to engage – and vice-versa – with the Council on how best we do that. This process of better engagement started this year, with more public consultation events than ever before, and by using different ways of engaging with people. Like You Choose. It is paramount we as a Cabinet and Council must build on this for the following years budget setting.




  • Lack of foresight ….. Is Cornwall Council’s problem. And of it’s own making.

    By persisting in placating SITA, at Cornwall residents expense and NOT terminating the contract, for the incinerator you have tied us all into needless expense , while at the same time leaching our money to France.


    Hi Andrew. One aspect of this finacial crisis that Cornwall Council appear to refuse to consider is a reduction in wages, pensions, etc, a situation that those in the private sector have had to endure. The public purse is limited (although some in the public sector appear to believe it is a bottomless pit!) and I would have hoped that cutting in this way could be effective in helping to solve the council’s financial crisis. I am not anti public sector but the public sector to my mind appears not to be contributing enough in saving money. Thank you.

  • Ken

    The only people that wasted money on the incinerator were the objectors with all the delays with the appeals, that cost the council money and the council tax payers. If we don’t have an incinerator it will cost us for landfill fines, and more council tax increases. Where do you suggest we stick all our rubbish down a tin mine.

  • Worried Worker

    Down with iphones and ipads when laptops and blackberrys do the job just fine! 😀

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