Council Budget: who voted which way

Things at Cornwall Council have not quietened down post the Budget decision last week. The Members room is an awkward place to be depending on which side of the fence you voted. Morale for the staff is low, with some still trying to comprehend what happened and many are thinking do they have a future at the authority. It is not good, and I doubt will improve anytime soon. The most searched keyword on council’s website is jobs.

A question that I have been asked by the public and staff is who voted which way on the Budget. So I have decided to publish the list (it was a recorded vote) and includes which party the Councillor represents.

For the Lib Dem Motion (0%)

Conservatives Councillors: Barlett, Biggs, Double, Eathorne-Gibbons, Ellis, Evans, Ferguson, Fitter, Harding, Hatton, Lambshead, Maddern, Mann, D Parsons, L Pascoe, Pearn, Penhaligon, Rushworth, Sheppard, Stewart, Stoneman, Tanner, Tucker, M Williams.

Lib Dem Councillors: G Brown, Glenton Brown, Bull, Dolphin, Duffin, Edwards, Folkes, Fonk, Gillard-Loft, Hannaford, Hobbs, Hughes, Kenny, Kerridge, Lewarne, Nolan, D, Parsons Paynter, Pearce, Polmounter, Powell, Preston, Rogerson, C Rowe, J Rowe, Schofield, Taylor, Watson

Against the Motion

Independent Councillors: Biscoe, Burden, Callan, Chappel, Coombe, Curnow, Dolley, Eva, German, Goninan, Greenslade, Haycock, Heywood, Kaczmarek, Keeling, Lugg, May, C Pascoe, Pass, Pollard, Saunby, Varney, Walker, Wallis, Wood

MK Councillors: Cole, Jenkin, Plummer

Labour Councillor: J Robinson

Conservative Councillors: Clark, Currie, Dyer, Eddowes, Gisbourne, Goodenough, Kennedy, T Martin, Mutton, Pugh, Ridgers, Robertson, Rule, Shakerely, Symons, Toms

Lib Dem Councillors: Austin, Donnithorne, Oxenham, Turner,

Abstentions: Harvey (Chairman), Sanger (Con), Riches (LD)

Not present for the vote*

Councillors: Bain, Brewer, Cullimore, Egerton, Eggleston, Flashman, George, Hicks, Holley, Long, M Martin, Nicholas, Teverson, T Williams, Willoughby, Wilkins

That’s it, feel free to share the list for all to see

*Not present for various reasons which could include being on other council business, illness, or some other excuse.


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  • mick martyn

    Thanks Andrew – an interesting list.

    I saw Alex Folkes on the politics show on Sunday pretending to be billy big time – he quoted that he has been working on the budget with officers for 3 months however in the council meeting when pressed on detail around the agency budgets said that the details hadnt been worked through yet!! I thin therefore on Sunday he was telling a porky pie cos he knows the Lib Dem budget was not based on substance and thrown together to grab some headlines so please please Andrew can you ask them to identify exactly which budget lines they are stripping and the expected impacts on services – surely they went through this detail before tabling the motion?!?!?!?

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