Could This Be the Next Police Commissioner?

For anyone who hangs around the corridors of power at County Hall will know that the current Portfolio Cabinet Support Member for Community Safety and Public Protection, Lance Kennedy has set his eyes on the post of Police Commissioner. In the past Lance has not publicly said he will go for the job, but everyone knows he wants it. Well now, the worst kept secret is officially out.

In last weeks West Briton (Helston edition) halfway through the paper (page 16) Lance confirms he has written to Conservative Head Office asking to be considered as a candidate for the role. As yet, Lance has not received a response. Maybe this is because they have not stopped laughing; but I guess they are waiting to see if anyone else steps forward before they have to make a choice; or produce a short-list for the Tory Parties of Cornwall and Devon to argue over.

In the article, the wannabe Police Commissioner says:

“Politicians are going to make laws, repeal laws and make directives, but there is no way they should have control of a Police Service. The Police and Crime Commission will not be there to run the Police.”

He also said:

As a retired Police Officer I certainly lean towards enforcement but I also strongly believe in giving advice. You have got to have carrot and stick and you have to be prepared to use both with equal intensity”

Now if by some miracle Lance is selected as the Tory candidate will he stand down either as Cabinet Support Member or/and Cornwall Councillor. Now I am not going to say he should (yet), but it would be rather hard to continue to do both roles if you are out busy campaigning for the Commissioners job.

After all, this role covers both Cornwall and Devon. This means he will not only have to be squeezing palms, kissing babies heads, and appealing to the ‘hang-em high brigade’  in Cornwall, but Devon too if he has any chance of success.

No doubt Lance is the first of many who will be thinking the proposed £120,000 a year role is within their grasp.

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  • Jules

    Didn't he also say £120,000 was far too much to pay a commissioner? How long until we hear "Well, the salary has to be competitive, or we won't attract the right people"?

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