Could Porthleven have its own hub-library?

Cornwall Council has started a journey which will be painful. There is no hiding from it, as the funding cuts thrust upon the Council are eye-watering. £196m has to be found from the budget. This is on top of the £170m from the previous four years.

One of the many changes will be to the mobile library provision. This provision will change, as the service will either stop completely, or be heavily reduced. This will affect Porthleven who current has a mobile library provision. However, whilst I accept those using it value the service, it is not well used.

This got me thinking and I thought why doesn’t Porthleven have its own mini-library. This would be a facility of a few hundred books, but with the ability to order books online, or by phone and have them delivered to the library hub. Depending on where the mini-library is situated, a computer could be supplied too. However the Internet connection would have to be supplied and the running costs would have to be met by the host building.

To set all this up, Cornwall Council will make  grants available up to £1000 to help set up the facility. This would be a one-off cost, and the further running costs except books, would be met by the host building. It would also need a few volunteers to help run the facility.

I recently presented this idea to Porthleven Town Council during their monthly meeting. The town council fully supported the idea, and asked for this idea to be taken forward.

From this positive start, I will now start the ball rolling by talking to Cornwall Council, looking at possible locations, and seeing who will volunteer to help run this facility.

I started off this post by highlighting the negative of the funding cuts. However, from these cuts, and with community support, Porthleven could actually have a better library provision.  Or should I say have its own library.

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