Could Cornwall Lose Out Again?

The Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill is making its way through the various hoops of Government before being enacted. Part of this Bill allows for the creation of a Police and Crime Panel for Devon and Cornwall. This Panel might (I said might) seem like a good idea, but it when it comes to the voting rights it is definitely not in Cornwall favour, or even equal.

This is because the Panel is made up from one member of the Local Authority (County or Unitary) and District Council. Each member will get one vote. For Cornwall that means it will only have one vote on the Panel because since 2009, there has only been one Authority in Cornwall. Unlike in Devon where they still have District, County and Unitary Councils.
I have blogged before about the unfair split of monies between the two counties and this part of the Bill will definitely not be fair to Cornwall if the current recommendations are approved. Cornwall Council is via the Cabinet Support Member for this area is writing to the Secretary of State, Theresa May asking for these biased recommendations against Cornwall to be amended to allow better representation from Cornwall.
Will the Government listen? Has it before? We all know the answer to that.   

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