Could Cornwall be set to potentially receive an extra £10m for school funding?

Since I became Portfolio Holder for Children’s Service, I have argued for the Government to address the serious level of under-funding Cornwall’s schools have received. To be fair, education in Cornwall has historically been underfunded by successive Governments. Over the last couple of year’s there has been a slight increase which has helped, but it still has not gone far enough as Cornwall is still one of the worst funded authorities.

If these proposals announced today are implemented following consultation, the new National Funding Formula could see an additional £10 million allocated to Cornwall for school and high needs pupils. However, while this funding has the potential to make a real difference, we need to look closely at the detail to see how the formula could impact on individual schools. Furthermore, the difference in funding allocation will affect schools in different ways, and not all schools will see an increase in their funding. As the old saying goes – the devil is in the detail.

It is also very important to remember that this is only a consultation at this time and things could change – like they often do.  However, anticipating that Cornwall will receive additional education funding,  we would urge the Secretary of State to consider a swift transition to this new formula of no more than three years.

I welcome these proposals in principle and thank the Department for Education for recognising Cornwall’s historic under-funding and taking appropriate steps to address it. I must also say thanks to say thank-you to everyone who has campaigned so hard over the past few years for a fairer, more equitable distribution of funds to pupils.




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