Cory and the Waste Contract

A third briefing on Cornwall Council’s waste contract with Cory took place at County Hall on Monday. As we all know the implementation of this contract has not gone according to plan. In some areas this plan has had more issues and has not worked at all.  The Portfolio Holder for this department, Cllr Steve Double, Cory’s MD and Head of Communications, and various senior Cornwall Council officers were on hand to explain the current position and answer any question from the Councillor’s present.

It is now Day-36 of the contract and collections are still being missed.  Out of around 470,000 weekly collections roughly 0.7% are still being missed. This is around 2200 households. As you can see these missed collections have been greatly reduced and Cornwall Council and Cory should be congratulated on this.

Another area that is still having trouble is the delivery of the recycling containers. Today, we were told by the Cory MD this will be sorted very soon. I asked if more of these containers could be located at the One Stop Shops (OOS) as these supplies run out in a few days. The answer was yes, with more containers being placed in the OSS by the end of this week.

The last area that is also having trouble is the new green garden waste containers. Councillors were told today this hold-up is in parts because the scheme has been so successful. So far over 13,000 residents have taken up this scheme. However this has led to a backlog of around 2000 undelivered containers. Cory said they are delivering roughly 300 per day, but they are receiving 80 new requests. In the meantime, if you have subscribed but still have not received your container, you can just place all your garden waste in a black bag and it will be collected.

It was also good to hear that Cornwall Council has from the 1st May applied any contract penalties  a per the contract. I don’t know how much this is, but any financial penalties on a contract will not be good for Cory.



  • Gavin Lang on Facebook

    I got a phoncall last week from Cory asking if I had recieved my bags, no I replied, “we will be with you shortly” the voice said, so I stayed in awaiting my shiny new recycling kit. Still waiting. As I’ve said previously, I wasn’t too fussed about my lack of bags and box as I usually use the bins on the Horse Shoe Field carpark, but these have recently been removed, do you know if they will return?

  • Steve

    Andrew, the figure of 0.7% missed collections seems very precise. I suspect it is higher as Cornwall Council won’t know about unreported missed collections.

    I have three neighbours who have yet to have a collection since April 1st and get no response when reported. They’ve now given up and everything goes in the black bag

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