Corporate Resources Scrutiny Grills (on a light heat) the Leader and CEO

Something novel happened yesterday with the Corporate Scrutiny Committee inviting the CEO, Kevin Lavery and Alec Robertson, Leader of Cornwall Council facing questions from members of this committee. Those wishing it would be as exciting at the Leveson Inquiry, or the Culture and Media Select Committee grilling of the Murdock family would be disappointed as it was rather a tame event.
Even though it had no earth shattering news, many of the questions asked by members of this committee were very good. One of these was on Newquay Airport and the £5 airport development fee. I have always thought this fee tax was one step down from Dick Turpin asking for your valuables as you go about your business.
Anyway, the question was asked could this tax be stopped? The simple answer from the CEO was yes it could. One of the reasons why it could be stopped is because of the huge drop in passenger numbers over the last few years has made the airport less reliant on this money. The CEO said this could be looked into. I would welcome this as many feel this fee is wrong. Then again, looking into it does not mean it will stop.

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