Coronation Park transferred to South Kerrier Alliance

The official transfer of Helston’s Coronation Park to South Kerrier Alliance (SKA) has finally happened. I started this project near five-years ago when I felt this area would be better if it was run and managed more locally. It has been a bumpy road, but one that has been worth it.

SKA will take on a 99-year lease of the park from Cornwall Council with the Council contributing £109,000 towards capital works improvements.

This is not the only money has received as the SKA is also be supported by funding from the Helston Downsland Charity and grant monies of £81,447 from West Cornwall Local Action Group through the LEADER programme. With additional money pledged directly by SKA, this will create a £300,000 investment fund for the Park.


This £300,000 will be spent on improving the boating lake, paths, play park and general repairs as well as making a significant contribution towards a new skate park. Additional funds will be needed to fully replace the Park’s skate equipment but the SKA team is confident that with help from the community a new skate park could be up and running before the end of 2018.

The Gang who have all made it possible – Maxine Hardy (Cornwall Council), Me, Vicki Mathews (SKA) Tim Grattan-Kane (Downsland Trust), David Turnball (SKA) and Julian Rand (WLAG Leader).

I am very happy SKA will be running this site from now on. They have some exciting plans for this area that will make this area the jewel is deserves to be. We all know the areas is in need of refurbishment and with the SKA in control, there are more funding opportunities open to them than if it was a Cornwall Council asset.

I have to finish by saying thank you to everyone who has made this happen. It has been a long road from start to finish, but I am glad we are finally here with the official hand-over to SKA.


  • Mike Timpson

    Great news! When this belonged to Kerrier District Council it was recognised as the most visited public site in the District and regarded as their ‘Jewel in the Crown’. I’m sure that SKA will manage it well and I hope that it continues to flourish.

  • Colin Francis best

    Great news,

  • Chappers

    Pity theres plenty of emphasis on the boating lake and not the town the pavements this evening looked foul when when the last time a sweeper was used on a pavement?? Camborne and Redruth are done daily Helston is done yearly. About time everyone got there priorities right instead of squandering cash on something that’s always been Helstons and always will be sort the town centre out it looks nothing more than third world.

  • Gilly Zella Martin

    This is great news for Helston and all that use the park. My understanding is there is the prospect too of the employment of a park keeper, this would certainly be a welcome addition for which to provide an official presence. It certainly makes sense to have it run by the SKA as a local not for profit group, with local knowledge, whom are eligible for funding for which the council cannot apply. All the planned improvements to be made within the park by the SKA will be an enhancement, and compliment the other improvements already made by the town council in the town centre, and those made by Cornwall Council on some of Helston’s local housing estates.
    Well done Andrew in initiating this devolvement.

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