Cornwall’s Stadium – Yes, or No?

Tomorrow, Cornwall Council’s Strategic Planning meet to debate and decide if the Stadium for Cornwall can in principle be built in the proposed location at Threemilestone. The application is not a full application, but only outline. For the stadium to be built, it will need a full and detailed application to be submitted.

The documentation can be read HERE. The report is very interesting and clearly shows (who have responded) who supports and who is against this plan.


Kenwyn Parish Council (mainly the location)
Truro City Council (location)
Truro Aerodrome

10 letters of objection from the public (to date)

Have concerns:

First Great Western – Who raise the issue of match days will have an impact on their maintenance schedules. (they could move them)

RCHT – Are concerned that any increase in traffic numbers could have an impact on emergency vehicles getting to and from the Hospital.


A Petition of 15,600 signatures
906 generic letters – largest areas recieved from is Penzance 27.04%, Truro 14.36% and interestingly 13.36 of these letters come from outside of Cornwall.
58 individial letters of support.

It is clear those who have responded to this application are in favour of the stadium. This is unusual because from my experience there is generally more letters of objection on large scale planning applications.

Personally for me, I have had more letters and calls in support than against. Many of these calls have come from my own electorial division.

As for how I will vote at tomorrows meeting you will have to wait and see. For those who are interested this meeting is open to the public and wil be webcast live. I feel it is going to be a very interesting day hearing the various sides make their points.


  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    From Rod and Margaret Lyon via email who asked me to post this:

    After over three years of hard work and recent sleepless nights, I hope that the decision goes our way tomorrow at the Strategic Planning Committee

  • No Surrender

    Why should the residents of towns and villages 40-50 miles from Truro have to pay for a stadium that they will never use ?

    It is for Truro City FC & Cornish Pirate RFC ONLY. Cut the crap about concerts, Home Park wasn't full for George Michael and Elton John, so why would Cornwall fill a stadium for such events ?

    Heaney is a profiteer, he cares not about Joe Public, why should Kernow bail him out ?

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