Cornwall’s Jedi, Pagan’s, Zoroastrian’s,Taoist and Pantheists

During the last few months, I have been blogging about the data that is now being released from the 2011 Census. It is really a treasure trove of information (if you like this sort of thing) and more detailed data set to be released in the next few months which I am looking forward to reading. Sadly, there is talk of the 2011 Census being the last of its kind, which I think would be tragic.

My last post on this data was on the various religions in the Porthleven and Helston South Cornwall Council Division. Now (thanks Abi) I have the full breakdown of all the various religions/beliefs in Cornwall. Some of the religions I have never heard of, but actually have a few million believers!

So here is the top ten religions/faiths/beliefs* in Cornwall and their believers/followers:

  1. Christian – 318357
  2. Jedi Knight – 2169
  3. Buddhist – 1726
  4. Pagan – 1429
  5. Muslim (Islam) – 855
  6. Hindu – 556
  7. Spiritualist – 532
  8. Mixed Religion – 530
  9. Jewish – 389
  10. Humanist – 224

You could argue Mixed Religion is not a religion, but from the Census, 23,000 people in England and Wales classified as having Mixed Religion. The real surprise is Jedi, coming in at number 2. I know I had to recheck to make sure it was right.

Now here is the list of the other religions/faiths/beliefs* (with links) that are listed on the Census for Cornwall.

Spiritual 213
Wicca 186
Other religions 147
Sikh 105
Taoist 79
Druid 78
Heavy Metal 63
Rastafarian 49
Pantheism 42
Baha’i 39
Own Belief System 35
Believe in God 30
Satanism 26
Witchcraft 25
Heathen 21
Animism 17
Shamanism 17
Scientology 16
Universalist 13
Deist 12
Theism 11
New Age 10
Shintoism 10
Zoroastrian 10
Realist 8
Occult 5
Free Thinker 4
Eckankar 4
Mysticism 4
Traditional African Religion 4
Ravidassia 3
Church of All Religion 2
Reconstructionist 2
Thelemite 2
Vodun 2
Confucianist 1
Jain 1
Native American Church 1
Unification Church 1

As for those who you would class as having no religion (158,104), or religion not stated (45,356) this total is 203,550. There is also those who call themselves Atheist (309) and Agnostic (439).

So there you have it, it is certainly interesting reading especially when you find out about that religion and just how many followers some of these less well-known religions actually have.

*I am sure people will say some of these list are not ‘real’ religions, but who am I to say what is and what is not a religion!


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