Cornwall’s Cabinet Proposes Everyone Pays Council Tax

It is hardly surprising, but Cornwall Council’s Cabinet went for their ‘slightly’ altered option of making everyone of working age pay 25% (Option C) of their Council Tax if they are in receipt of the Council Tax Benefit (CTB). This means, on a Band D the occupants will be asked to pay around £274 pounds.

During the very short debate, we had each Cabinet Member in turn saying they do not agree with the proposals, but with a sigh, will vote for them. A North Korean show trial would have been proud if they witnessed today’s proceedings. Granted it is a difficult task, but there are other options.

It is disappointing that the list I blogged about yesterday is being used to ‘scare’ Councillors into voting for the 25% option. Furthermore, it is tragic when the  list of further cuts was made public, those who could have found themselves out of work, only got told of the proposals in an email an hour or two before the public release. Not very good for staff morale.

All in all, the Cabinet was done in an hour. It is now over to the full membership of the council to vote on this, or another proposal that may come forward.


  • Patsy Stevens

    How on earth do high salaried Councillors expect people on benefits, pension and minumum wages to find 25% for council Tax? After all many of these people are already in fuel and/or food poverty unable to work or find employment. Even a large percentage of local employed residents are not only in receipt of minimum wages but at this time of year their hours are drastically cut down yet they have to to carry on paying high rents because they are unable to obtain social housing.
    Closing or cutting hours of our libraries will deprive people who depend on them for free access to books, computer usage, papers, and such like. If county needs to save money then it should first of all cut down on high salaries and endless coverage of expenses.
    Patsy Stevens (Truro)

  • Gill Martin

    Does this now mean that Cornish residents will pay council tax whilst on state benefits, and yet still receive the same amount of state benefits of those in other counties that will not be required to pay council tax. One is told with all benefit claims that x amount of money is what the government says one needs to live on, therefore how will this work, if Cornish residents have to pay out more from their set benefits. I do not claim any benefits and therefore am expressing an unbiased view.

  • worried worker

    Just read the following from a Cornish student on Tumbr
    (won’t give their name): “lol because I’m a cornish student
    studying at a cornish university I found out my mid-February £850
    bursary for coming from a poor background has been upgraded by £200
    for being cornish this is why I both love and ridicule this county
    so on monday I may buy myself a Nintendo 3DS XL. I’ve got my eye on
    a sexy little number that comes with Super Mario 3D Land and Im
    using my month’s free trial of amazon prime just to get free
    next-day delivery”

  • I might be wrong but I think that the university payments come from a different pot than local council. Although I am in agreement about the waste of spending but someone needs to keep the economy going, why not the youth. 🙂

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