Cornwall will get a child and adolescent mental health unit

NHS England has announced today that there will be a 12 bed child and adolescent mental health unit in Cornwall. This unit will be located in Bodmin and will be available for young people up to the age of 18.  This amazing news will mean that fewer children and young people will have to be placed on general wards, adult units or specialist units outside of Cornwall.

As a long time campaigner for such a unit in Cornwall, I very much welcome this announcement as the young people of Cornwall and their families deserve a unit such as this. I am very pleased NHS England have listened to our concerns and approved the funding for this unit. It has been a long time coming, but I am glad it has finally happened.


  • Lesley

    Absolutely great news. Having worked with children with mental health issues I am well aware of the limited specialized resources available. Nice to hear some positive news to help the young people of Cornwall.

  • Ruby

    It’s certainly great news for Cornwall, the added problem to sending young people out of the county to stay for specialist support is that it often makes it hard for the parents to visit, especially as it adds a financial burden.

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