Cornwall has officially offered resettlement places to Syrian refugees

The Leader of Cornwall Council, John Pollard, has today confirmed that Cornwall has now officially offered resettlement to Syrian families travelling to the UK under the Government’s Syrian Vulnerable Persons Relocation Scheme.

As part of a five-year resettlement programme, an initial two or three families could be resettled in Cornwall as early as March.

There is a multi-agency partnership which is supported by the Home Office, has been working together to prepare for Syrian refugee families being resettled in Cornwall. The partnership consists of Cornwall Council – including housing, education, adults, children’s, and localism services, Cornwall Housing, NHS Kernow, Job Centre Plus, Inclusion Cornwall, Devon and Cornwall Police, CSW Group Limited and community and faith representatives.

The refugees who will be resettled in the UK through the Government scheme will be given a full medical check-up and security vetting before they arrive in the country. They will be flown directly from countries neighbouring Syria to England and those families that come to Cornwall will be met by representatives of the Cornwall Refugee Partnership and taken to their new homes.

It is important to protect their privacy therefore, the partnership will not be in a position to provide any details about Syrian families resettled in Cornwall. The Council has confirmed they will be housed in temporary private sector housing.

For more information on Cornwall’s response to the refugee crisis, including how you can help, visit


  • Chris Sheffield

    Good news they are most welcome

  • Matthew

    Well done Cornwall council.

  • Pauline Vernon

    Excellent! Considering that Lebanon, which is about the same size as Devon and Cornwall put together, is currently looking after 2 million Syrian refugees, it is about time we did more to help this humanitarian crisis.

  • Gilly Zella Martin

    I find it perverse that we are re-homing very few refugees here in Cornwall, and of course we additionally have our own homeless, all of whom have virtually nothing, and in contrast, Helston Town Council are now squandering ten thousand pounds a year of public money to a Christmas lights committee that already have an adequate display. Whether or not one has a religious faith surely does not prevent them from recognising how morally wrong this seems. Well done to Cornwall Council for what they are at least trying to do in making a difference. Perhaps that ten thousand pounds a year from Helston Town Council would have been better used given to shelter box or one of the other indirect channels of help for refugees.

  • Cllr. Dick Powell

    Thanks for the update Andy. Such welcome news, yet I do feel we should be doing more.

  • Andrew Wallis

    Sadly, it is the Government who decide on the numbers.

  • Mick

    Perhaps Gilly Zella Martin would actually like to give some money to Shelterbox or another charity for refugees, or any charity. I find its usually the people that say things about money that give nothing themselves. Cornwall Council should do more to help to.

  • Valerie

    I see Mick has posted an argument provoking comment, ‘after’ by the post timings, that Cllr Wallis said on another post that the blog is not for discussion between posters on here. Well seeing as it looks like Gill is not going to respond, I will. It’s fairly common knowledge that Gill sold her late husbands wedding ring and her own engagement and wedding ring and gave the money to a charity a long time ago because she thought it’d be of more use. So Mick would do well not to judge her.
    As for the refugees, it’s a sorry state of affairs but it should be a world problem not just a European one.

  • Mick

    Valerie- Cornwall Council could do more to help the refugees, this is about our county and Cornwall Council not the world. It’s only Europe that’s responsible at the moment and that’s us. So you say Gill sold her rings and gave the money to charity, that’s only your word. If it’s true why didn’t we hear about it locally at the time? I don’t see her saying it anywhere. Cornwall council might be limited to refugee numbers by the government but it doesn’t stop them helping financially. To much money wasted by Cornwall Council on other things like a new building at Bodmin, that money could have helped refugees.

  • Valerie

    This is the last time I shall post on here Mick, and I won’t be reading anymore so don’t reply on my behalf. First you spitefully pick fault with Cllr Bev Plunketts post on here, then you completely impolitely suggest Gill should give some money to Shelterbox or any other charity, when she failed to respond to your argument inciting plainly rude comment, (probably I would think because Cllr Wallis said discussion shouldn’t take place between commenters and it would have been off the blog post theme) I decided to post because I felt it unfair and I’m not as respectful as Gill is. I’ve now tried to explain to you that Gill has given money to a charity a long time ago via the sale of her rings, and now you dispute that. Don’t you think she’d be suing me for slander if what I said wasn’t true or at least she surely would post on here to say it wasn’t true!! Why should she have to advertise what she gives to charity, just because you don’t know about it doesn’t mean she doesn’t. I should think she’s fed up with comments like yours. Why can’t you think how your comments make other people feel! Then you pick fault with my opinion that I’m entitled to, about the refugees being a world problem. You’re just not polite, I don’t mind people not agreeing with me but you so obviously are just trying to pick fault. you picked fault with Martin Menears post on the other blog post, ok you may have a different opinion to him but did you have to be so rude. I suppose living in an area where you can vote for Cllr Wallis gives you preference to be rude to everyone else that doesn’t. I also stand by opinion the refugees should be a world problem not just Europe’s, Canada ,Australia and America have room to take some in.

  • Andrew Wallis

    Dear Valerie,

    I have raised the issue of ‘Mick’ being rude before. In fact, he was banned from comments for a period of time. In truth, I post (but not all) of ‘Mick’s’ comments to show how wrong he is on so many subjects and his rudeness will be shown for what it is. Rather than Mick saying I am resticting his comments.

    There will be no more comments on this post.

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