Cornwall goes to the Polls

Well it has officially started, the Elections for town and parish and Cornwall Council are now well underway after the official list of nomination was released on Friday.

For all the town and parish nominations click HERE. Porthleven Town Council will not see a contested election, as only seven out of nine seats have candidates. That means all who put their names down will be elected once the Polls close. Helston on the other hand will see elections taking place.


The nominations for people wishing to standing for Cornwall Council has been broken down into West and East. Unlike the town and parish councils, all the 123 Cornwall Council seats will be contested. I am seeking re-election for the Porthleven and Helston West (was South, but the Division has had a name change. The boundary is exactly the same).

Challenging for the Porthleven and Helston West Division are Lib Dem, Conservative and UKIP candidates. I am the only Independent candidate for this seat. I hope the residents in this Division will again have faith in me and re-elect me.

Soon, I will be out on the campaign trail visiting people and delivering my leaflet. If anyone would like to display one of my posters in their window, just let me know and I will have one sorted for you.


  • Gill Martin

    While you out on your campaign trail perhaps you would like to ask the lady at 19 Elliston Gardens to stop feeding the seagulls, but then I don’t suppose she will vote for you if you do that, so perhaps not.

    Seriously though, I really hope you are re elected, you deserve to be. It is good to see a councillor that puts in the time and effort and achieves a lot for his area.

  • Another worried worker

    Best of luck Andrew, if I lived in Porthleven or Helston West I’d vote for you!

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