Cornwall gets three schools funded from the Priority School Build Programme.

Helston College was not the only school that needed funding for its buildings as a further five schools had bids worked up by Cornwall Council and submitted to the DfE. These six other schools include: Budehaven, Humphry Davy, Hayle Community College, Biscovey Infants and Newquay Treviglas. The blog on these submissions is HERE. A further school Newquay Tretharras, submitted its own bid to the DFE.

So how did these other schools fare? Well it is  cake with double icing and cherries on top as Humphry Davy and Newquay Tretharras have also received funding. This is fantastic news for these two schools.

However, the fantastic news of getting three schools funded has had the shine taken off for the four schools who did not receive funding. I do share the disappointment of these four schools who missed out. Cornwall Council will continue look at how these schools get their much-needed school rebuilds post today’s announcement.

As to how much each school will receive including Helston College has yet to be released by the DFE.


  • Gill Zella Martin

    Will disability access be included in the Helston Community College rebuild. Do the schools that did not receive funding need disability access and if so, could they not apply for funding primarily for this purpose from the government. It was government legislation that stated all publicly used buildings should provide disability access wherever possible. Bus companies are obliged to in their buses by 2016.

  • Andrew Wallis

    New builds need to be DDA compliant

  • Gill Zella Martin

    Thank you Andrew.

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