Cornwall counts the cost of the weather

Unless you have just landed from Mars, you will know Cornwall  – and other parts of the country – has been subjected to an extreme weather-front that has not been in many-a-year. It was prolonged and weather forecasters are predicting more unsettled weather.


Luckily, we are in a welcomed lull and this gives the Council, the public and other organisations the time to assess the damage caused by the storms. The damage is extensive, and tragically, the storms have resulted in a loss of life. Cornwall Council is now in the process of assessing the damage, and making good that damage.

The cost of repairing the damage across Cornwall is estimated at being just over £2 million – initially £1.56 million in the short-term with an additional £575k in the long-term. This money has to be found from within the Council finances, and as we all know, the pressures on the Council’s money are massive.

Huge praise should be given to the Council, all the emergency services, which includes the Coastguards, Cormac and other agencies like the EA and the utility companies/services for all their work in these extreme conditions. They worked in some pretty difficult conditions and should be congratulated for that work.


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