Cornwall Council’s Scrutiny Committee recommends not to refer the ADF decision back to Cabinet

Yesterday, the Council’s Scrutiny Committee discussed a 11 point call-in submitted by Cllr Fiona Ferguson and supported by nine other councillors on the recent decision by Cabinet to remove the Airport Development Fee (ADF). The removal would only happen If and only if certain conditions were met.

This call-in was discussed in closed session due to the commercial sensitivity of the original Cabinet item . Though, most of the detail has been reported by the printed media.

What I can say – without breaking any rule – is there was a debate on each of the 11 points, followed by a response on each point from the Portfolio Holder, and various officers.

After everyone who wanted to have a say on this matter did, the chairman called for a vote by members of the committee. The choices, do not refer it back to Cabinet, or refer it back to Cabinet. Simple.

The members of the committee voted and reported in open session, they would not refer it back to Cabinet. Therefore, the original Cabinet decision stands.


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