Cornwall Council’s pots, tubs and trays recycling trial scheme to launch on the 30th November

On the 30 November 2015 Cornwall Council will be launching the new pots, tubs and trays trial recycling scheme. I really welcome this as I pointed out in a previous post. I believe if we want to increase recycling in Cornwall, we need to stop the confusion of what plastic can and cannot be recycled. As this confusion tends to make people just throw it into the black bag.

The trial will consist of approximately 46,000 properties across parts of the previous Kerrier and Carrick Districts. These properties were chosen as they are all on the same collection route and the rounds all take place out of the Newham Depot in Truro.

Those properties included in the trial will receive a leaflet in the post which will be sent out between 5 October 2015 and 23 October 2015 explaining about the scheme. This does mean that unfortunately, in some cases, only part of a town or village will be included in the Pots, Tubs and Trays Trial. To check if your house is part of the trail click HERE.

Below is I hope an easy guide of what will be included in the trial.


It is a shame black plastics – often used in ready meals – cannot be recycled. This is because of the processing machine which uses an optical sorter and cannot detect black plastics, therefore, this cannot be sorted from the other materials, and is treated as a contaminant. So if you are part of the trail, please do not place black plastics out for the recycling collection.

The new materials can be placed into the same bags as tins and plastic bottles. If you need more bags and boxes, please order them from the Council’s website.

Once the trail is completed, and everything goes to plan, then the recycling of plastics will be rolled out to the whole of Cornwall.



  • Richard

    It says ‘No sweet wrappers’ which is true- however for all those Quality Street and Roses which are bound to be eaten over Xmas it would be good to publicize that the metal inners of the wrappers can be put into everyone’s bottles and cans recycling bag? It all helps.

  • Andrew Wallis

    Good point!!

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