Cornwall Council’s political groups eye each other up to form a new administration

The Election is over, once enemies on the campaign trail now have to find a way to form a new Cornwall Council administration. This is in itself is no easy task because no one party or group has an overall majority to form a administration. This either means another ‘partnership’ or one group attempting to form a minority administration.

Cue the start of the political horse-trading. Some say the convention is for the largest group to have a go at forming an administration, but there is nothing in the rule book to say this has to happen. However, for the latter to happen there needs to be the will, and from what I have seen and heard, there is none.

The Conservative’s are the largest group of 46 Councillors. They are going through the motions of attempting to form an administration. But they know they do not have the numbers to guarantee their choice of Leader. The magic number is 62. So they must convince one of the other groups to support or hope – and it is a big hope – that the other groups and individuals do not vote against their choice for Leader is they attempt a minority administration. However, for any formal agreement to be made, Cabinet seats will have to be offered. How many is always a mute point, but I do not think it will be on an even split of 5/5. More like 7/3 with an outside chance of 6/4.

The Lib Dems seem to have taken the quick route to opposition. Though this is not official, but their appetite to seek an alliance with another group to form an administration is almost non-existent. It is still early days, but I cannot see a deal being struck with the Lib Dems looking to form/be part of an administration. They are more than likely to seek to take as many chairs and vice chairs of committees by working with other groups.

This leaves the Independents who form a strange group/alliance with each other. It is easy to tag Indi’s as closet Tory’s but whilst some are Thatcher loving fanatics, most are not. In fact for some working with the Tory’s in any form of administration is beyond-the-pale.

For the last four-years I have heard how bad the Conservatives have been and how they have not helped Cornwall, but then suddenly you hear, we must work for the people; for the greater good; the Tory’s are not that bad etc. This sudden epiphany is not for noble reasons, but for power and a Special Responsibility Allowances – more money for taking on other roles. If working with the Tory’s is a way to the silver, then all sorts of excuses will be found to justify it.

I guess this means the Tory’s and some Indi’s will find a way of forming an administration that will dance to the tune of the current six blue MP’s. If a deal were to happen being the Indi’s and Tory’s, I expect the current number of 30 Indi’s to be in a couple of groups or standing alone.


  • Stuart Roden

    Well said.Andrew.Any independent who does some kind of deal with the Tories for an allowance or chairmanship should be ashamed..

  • Su Pond

    Interesting times ahead then Andrew

  • Miles

    Interesting to watch how allegiances/alliances are made, or not; levels of attendance are kept and controlling of voting if a minority or weak alliance is actioned particularly with what is over the hill with more significant reductions in funding.

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