Cornwall Councils New Cabinet

Today I was made a Cabinet Member at Cornwall Council as one of the Independent Group nominations to the Cabinet. No portfolio has yet been assigned, as that will be confirmed tomorrow afternoon. There are a few areas I am very interested in, but these are just expressions of interest and it will be up to the Leader to assign the portfolio.

Congratulations should also go to my fellow Cabinet Members; John Pollard (leader), Jeremy Rowe (dep leader), Julian German, Geoff Brown, Edwina Hannaford, Alex Folkes, Adam Paynter, Bert Biscoe and Judith Haycock. I am looking forward to working with all of them.

The work is going to be hard as there are tough times ahead. Also the Council will be working under a new governance model which will require a lot more co-operation between the portfolio holders and the portfolio advisory committees (PAC). I also look forward to working with the wider membership of the council, officers and the public. These will be key to pushing Cornwall Council forward.

For those who think I will be suddenly change from poacher to gamekeeper fear not. I will still be tweeting and blogging. I hope using both these platforms I will bring a greater understanding as to how the council works and my new role. if needs be, I will be there to highlight concerns I have publicly.

More tomorrow!


  • Gill Martin

    Really pleased to see you are now on the cabinet Andrew, well done and good luck, and indeed good to see Councillor Judith Haycock selected as well.
    It will guarantee a good input of common sense with you on the cabinet.
    I additionally think it is a good choice of deputy leader.

  • marion

    Hi Andrew

    You deserve the post for all the work you have done.


  • riscornwall

    Well done Andrew – keep on blogging.

  • worried worker

    Congratulations Andrew, this place needs all the common sense it can get.

  • RJ

    Gill , You say you think it is a good choice of deputy leader, and Andrew and Judith, so what is wrong with the other cabinet members, you don’t mention them. Would you have preferred to see others instead maybe?

  • Gill Martin

    I refrained from passing comment on the remainder of the cabinet for the simple fact I know little about them or their policies. Councillor Andrew Wallis and Councillor Judith Haycock cover local areas of which I hold an interest in, additionally I am well aware of their past achievements within their respective roles. I also happen to think that Councillor Rowe is an effectual councillor.
    Since you ask, I would have liked to have seen Councillor Kaczmarek on the cabinet, other than that, I personally would have no preference other than Councillor Andrew Wallis and Councillor Judith Haycock as I previously stated.

  • Christopher Smith

    Great news Andy, we need some level headed comment sense in Cabinet now to deal with the legacy of the zero budget vote and declining short term central govt support.

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