Cornwall Council’s Local Plan is submitted for examination to the Sec of State.

After years of work,  Cornwall Council’s Local Plan has now been submitted to the Sec of State, Mr Pickles for examination. I for one is really pleased this has now been submitted, as this will give the Council more powers where development should take place. Furthermore, by having an adopted Local Plan will in turn allow local communities who are in the process of putting together their neighbourhood plans the vehicle to have these adopted too.

The submitted Plan is made up of the ‘Proposed Submission Local Plan – Strategic Policies’ published in March 2014 together with a series of amendments published in September 2014 as the ‘Schedule of focussed changes to the Cornwall Local Plan – Strategic Policies’. The full set of ‘submission documents’ along with the complete evidence base will be available by visiting

The public examination will take place on the 11th may 2015 where the various sides will be able to put their cases forward. From this, and depending on the formal responses on the examination, Cornwall could have its Local Plan adopted by the end of 2015.

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