Cornwall Council’s Grant from Government – Figures and Percentages

Over the last few weeks Cornwall Council’s Budget has been subject to claims and counter claims on the merits of going early, waiting, or just ignoring it and hopefully it will all go away in the morning. I have myself pondered these merits (except the last one) and would have personally liked to have waited till the Government released the details before making the decision, but that was not my choice.

Last week, the Government did release those figures, as with all announcements from Government, it is about as far away from plan English as you can get. Most mortals just want to know how much it is, not some complicated formula that would have a maths prodigy scratching their head. This meant that us Members who asked how much the settlement is, got the reply “It’s complicated and will get back to you in a week or so” 

Yesterday at Cabinet, those present were handed a piece of paper with those settlement figures, or should I say, what finance had interpreted as to what the Government had said.  This, depending on your standpoint, (as I mentioned in my first paragraph) was either “We told you so”, or silence.

Currently, 2010-11 we receive from the Government £325 million in various grants. The predicted budget as voted on last week by Cornwall Council made the predicted settlement to be £270.7 million. That is a reduction of £54.3 million or a 16.7% (for those who like percentages) from what is currently received.  The provisional settlement after the maths prodigies had finished is £271.3 million. That is a drop of £53.7 million or 16.5%.

The difference between what was predicted and the provisional figure is 600k. If these figures are correct, then hats off to those in finance for getting so near. As I have said before, if there is spare money, then this should be reassigned to the most needed areas of the Council.

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