Cornwall Council’s FOI Request Answered

Cornwall Council have very nicely listed on its website many, if not all of the FOI requests received this year. It is great the council has done this, as hopefully by reading some (or all if you like) it might save time and money in people not asking the same questions over  and over again.

So if you want to know how many cats Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service has rescued you can. Or how many Chauffeurs employs/uses; the number of mobile phones and the cost (I am not provided with one before anyone asks). Also listed is the CEO’s pay; how many Councillors are Freemasons and a whole host other information people might be interested in.

Before you get too excited, there is nothing earth-shattering listed, but does make interesting reading and the full list is HERE. It even lists how many FOI requests have not been answered within the required 20 days. So feel free over your coffee, or lunch break to have a look. Who knows, you might find the question you were about to submit might have already been answered, and that will save the council £150 (average cost of a FOI).

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