Cornwall Council’s Democratic Services Finalist in the MJ Awards

Awards might not be everyone’s cup of tea, and at times it seems there is an award for opening a door. But one set of awards is worthy of mentioning because the finalist of this award are in many parts the forgotten heroes of any authority. I know every gog in local government is important, I just think this department is often overlooked for any type of recognition, or pat on the back.

The department in question is Democratic Services and this department is one of the finalist in the MJ Awards. I can almost hear people saying ‘and they do what?’  I described them when I was asked to a video on the service, the engine of Cornwall Council and more than posh admin. Every council has a democratic service, but in smaller authorities like town and parish council’s they are more commonly known as a town or parish clerk.

At Cornwall Council this group of people has to deal with 123 members all with different needs and complaints. This is not an easy job to do, especially if you throw in politics. However, every man-jack-of-them carries out this duty in a neutral and efficient manner. They do not just do this, but help set agenda’s, make sure reports are correct, and generally get all the information from the whole council to the Councillors (these are just some of their functions). Without them, it would be chaos. I know they sure make my life a lot easier, and I am thankful they are they with some great support.

To make the final is a worthy achievement, to win it would be the icing on the cake. Cornwall Council faces strong competition from other authorities. These include: Brighton & Hove City Council, Enfield Council, Kirkless Council and South Cambridgeshire District Council. Not to take away the achievement  from the other short-listed finalist, but Cornwall Council will I hope win.  Here is the link to the award criteria.

Cornwall Council is also a finalist  in another category: Delivering Better Outcomes – Link.  The announcement who has won any of the awards will be made on the 21st June 2012.

Good luck!



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