Cornwall Council’s Cabinet (new) responsibilities

Let me start of by welcoming Councillor Joyce Duffin to the Cornwall Council Cabinet. I have worked with Joyce for many years and she will be a great asset to the Cabinet.

With a new member to the Cabinet, the Leader has looked at all the current responsibilities of the Cabinet in a sort of two year review. This is wise, as things do change at the Council and the Cabinet needs to respond to this ever changing world.

In this review, there have been a few changes to portfolios. This is not a reflection of the abilities of the Portfolio Holders as the review looked at how the portfolios fit into the new corporate director structures. This is to make sure responsibilities between portfolios and corporate directors are more in line with the new Council structures.

So who is responsible for what? I remain with Children’s Services role, which I am really pleased with. Here other changes are:



  • Fred

    You have on your list individual needs and disability services, would that just be for children or for adults as well. After making the most poorest in society pay council tax i don’t see how you can cut adult disability services or there carers allowances.

  • Andrew Wallis

    Only responsible for Children’s. You will need to contact Cllr Jim Mckenna for all adult related issues.

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