Cornwall Council’s AGM

In what may seem as late news, but Cornwall Council held its AGM on Tuesday. Amongst the business at the AGM, a vote was held on who will be the chairman and vice-chairman of the council for the following civic year. Furthermore, the position of the Leader of the Council was voted on.

The new Chairman of Cornwall Council is Cllr Ann Kerridge after Cllr John Wood’s two-year term of office came to an end. Ann has been for the last two years been the Vice-Chairman. The vice-chairman is Cllr Mary May. This is the first time in the history of the authority and its predecessor Cornwall County Council that two women have held the post simultaneously. It is good to see this happening.

Before I move on, I want to pay tribute to the former chairman, John Wood. In his two-year term John has made this office his own and has represented the office with to the highest degree. He has during his term raised the profile of not only the chairman’s office, but also the good work of the Council.

The Leader of Cornwall Council, John Pollard, was returned to office with support from all parties. In fact from where I sit I only saw one councillor abstain, with the rest supporting John in his re-election. This is high praise indeed. There is also a new Deputy Leader of Cornwall Council with Adam Paynter taking over the reins from Jeremy Rowe.

The subject of the CEO leaving Cornwall Council also came up with Andrew Kerr explaining why he leaving. His answer to those questions included, as a Scotsman, Edinburgh is his capital city and it is his dream to be its CEO. Andrew also explained his parents are elderly and being in Scotland, he would be only 20 minutes away; and his family are there too.

Of course, Andrew has not technically resigned, as he has given his intentions to resign. He will formally resign once he has received and signed the contracts with Edinburgh City Council. This seems logical as you do not quit one job unless you are 100% you have the other. Furthermore, just for clarity, Andrew will not receive any pay off because he has resigned.

Also tabled at the meeting was the process to hire another CEO. Sadly this is not a quick process, but I am hopeful Cornwall Council will be able to choose from a large number of candidates. For the process and details on how this will work can be found HERE.

I guess time will tell if we get any applications! Want the job?

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  • Gill Zella Martin

    I am pleased Mr John Pollard is to remain leader of Cornwall Council. I believe the continuity and stability of his position is a good thing for the council. I think his leadership has been, and still remains, an asset to Cornwall Council.

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