Cornwall Council wants to hear your views on waste collection and street cleaning

Cornwall Council is keen to hear how residents including second home owners think of the waste collection and street cleaning service. They are asking for the views via a short (and painless) online survey. This survey be found HERE.

It is important for the Council to hear your views as the survey asks questions on general waste collection, kerbside recycling, recycling banks in car parks, street cleaning and beach cleaning and the garden waste collection service. It also asks for your views on impr0ving the service .

For me, I believe we get a good kerbside collection service for both general waste and recycling thought I do understand there were teething problems when all the different collection contracts were rolled into one.  The improvements I would like to see if collection of all mixed plastics and maybe a weekly recycling collection.

So please take a few minutes (it took me 4 mins to complete) and give your views on the service.


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