Cornwall Council tries to pull the plug on BT Cornwall

The saga that is BT Cornwall has taken a new twist with Cornwall Council and BT heading to the High Court to settle a dispute on the termination of the BT Cornwall contract. The reason for this is because BT disagree with Cornwall Council reasons for termination.

On this blog I have highlighted how the BT Cornwall contract has failed to deliver in just about every area. These failing have also been discussed at various committees with damning reports being presented. After over two years, the contract was simply not working; and therefore, Cornwall Council has decided to exit the contract.

My views on the joint venture are well-known, and there is no reason to repeat them, or say ‘told you so’.  My concern and anger is on the stance BT Cornwall is taking by dragging Cornwall Council to court because of their failings.

The reports that led to Cornwall Council exiting this contract are clear. BT Cornwall have failed to deliver. Yet, BT Cornwall dispute the reasons for termination. I really cannot understand BT Cornwall’s stance on this, as after two-years, they cannot deliver the contract.

We have got to this position when on July 8th the Cabinet approved the process of exiting the contract and the wheels were put in motion to start the process. The decision was kept low-key to allow discussion to take place to find a pain-free way of exiting. I believe this ‘divorce’ could have been amicable, and not cost the tax payer huge amounts in legal fees.

Sadly, this has not happened, and BT Cornwall has decided to fight this through the courts using all the financial might it can muster. I do not know on what grounds, as the evidence is clear on the failings.

BT Cornwall filed an application with the High Court in order to seek an injunction on 12 August 2015, preventing the Council from terminating the agreement. This resulted in a hearing which took place on 12 August 2015 in the High Court (Commercial Courts). The outcome was that the Court agreed to the request to have an expedited trial, which is now listed to take place on 1 December 2015, to determine if the Council has the right to terminate the agreement or not. The Council will fight this, and I believe it has a strong case to win.

I guess we will find out in December.




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