Cornwall Council to Part-Fund EMA?

At today’s Children School and Families Scrutiny Committee during questioning on the progress on the recommendations to Cabinet on Child Poverty (which I will blog about later) there was a interesting announcement.

This announcement (more like a slip of the tongue) could see Cornwall Council part fund the replacement to the EMA grant which the current Government ruthlessly cut. This announcement on the funding of a new EMA by Cornwall Council is interesting to hear, and I wait to hear of the details, and how it is going to be paid for at a later date.

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  • Anonymous

    Cornwall invests so much in the education of its children in one way or another and yet, despite 41% of children registering as Cornish in the Plasc results, so little is taught them about Cornwall's history. The National Curriculum is not inclusive of Cornwall's history and culture, and so many teachers come from outside of Cornwall and therefore are unaware of our heritage here. A proper understanding, given in school, of where they come from (as directed, benignly, by the Council) would provide Cornwall's children with a cultural wealth and confidence which would do much to counteract the lack of material wealth which I know you are concerned about, Andrew.

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