Cornwall Council to give Truro FC £10,000?

Cornwall Council has been approached by Truro FC to act as Guarantor to cover certain travel costs for players. This I am told could be as much as £10,000. The first I heard of this is when an angry resident contacted me to complain.

On investigation I found the BBC website is running the story HERE.

In that report is says:

It is understood Cornwall Council have offered £10,000 of the £50,000 required to cover other clubs’ travel costs if Truro’s results are expunged.

Mr James Moore, the administrator’s solicitor said: “The council have agreed to help provide a contribution that will help enable Truro City to meet the Conference bond and the Conference are currently considering this proposal.”

I have contacted the Council to find out who has agreed to this, and I was told nothing formal (as of 20 mins ago) has been agreed. Whilst I have some sympathy for Truro FC for their current position, I do not think tax-payers money should be used. I know my own local football club, Porthleven could do with £10,000 to help it.  And I am sure many other sporting clubs could do with this amount of money. But they would not be given it, so why should Truro?

This is not like its a grant request for new seating, or infrastructure which any club could and has applied to a council for. But this is not, this is running costs, which is totally different. Even if the money is given, what guarantee is there the club will find a buyer and survive in its current form? Very little is my feeling.

The Leader gave £50,000 to Plymouth for their failed World Cup bid. let’s hope is will not give £10,000 to Truro FC. As there are more pressing needs that need to be addressed before this. I am sorry Truro, but this money is needed elsewhere.




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