Cornwall Council Tie Sold For…

The Auction for the rare, exclusive and hideous Cornwall Council Tie has now ended. I am really pleased that it raised £64.07. Ok, it is not a fortune, but as that well known supermarket saying goes “every little helps”

It would have been really great if the Leader of Cornwall Council had won it, but I think he might have one or eighty left of his own. Anyway, the person who did actually win it is my great friend Mark Needham. He and I joined up together in the 80’s and have been firm friends since. In fact, Mark is a veteran of a few bun-fights from around the world and will know first hand how Help the Heroes makes a difference to those who have been wounded whilst serving.

Thanks again for all who ‘retweeted’ on Twitter, spread the word and bid.  I will hopefully post a picture or two of the handover of the tie with Mark, once I have pinned him down to pay for it!!

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