Cornwall Council Surveys Staff on Outsourcing

Cornwall Council are undertaking a survey of staff that will be effected by the outsourcing proposals before the full council will and I hope, decide finally which way it will go on the Strategic Partnership for Support Services (JV). This meeting is on the 11th December, starting at 10:30 (agenda HERE).

It is good that the council is now surveying its staff now, at this later stage, but lets not dwell on that shall we? However, I have seen this survey, and I am surprised by the way it is laid out.

Two of the options (B and C)  are basically the same, as BT is a full outsourcing contract.  It is because staff will be transferred to BT and will no longer be council employees. Option C only really comes into play if a few years down the line the council looks to outsource again. But that is unlikely, as I do not see a mad rush by companies to take on these services, or we would have had more than one company still in the current process.

Though the conspiracy theorist  in me cannot help but think that by having lots of options it makes it easier to say the BT deal is the preferred. It would also have been better if each option had a  none or no view. That way, it would have given a clearer picture of the true feeling.

Lastly, you cannot leave one of the boxes blank, so to complete the survey, you have to give each option a tick in the box. This point was highlighted when a member of staff emailed me last night:

“Eagerly went into my email to complete the survey. I only wanted to select the in-house option but was not allowed. Waste of time! What are they scared of?

Anyway, I look forward to the results


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