Cornwall Council shortlisted for council of the year award by the Local Government Chronicle

Cornwall Council has been shortlisted for the Local Government Chronicle (LGC) Council of the Year award.

Cornwall Council is one of five councils which has been short listed for the award.  The other four councils are Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, Leeds City Council, Norwich City Council and Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council.Cornwall Council

Before anyone jumps up and says is this a joke, it is not. In fact this is an excellent achievement by the Council who in difficult financial circumstances, continue to deliver services for the benefit of Cornwall.

Yes, the Council does not always get everything right (and I have been one of its critics or I would say holding it to account), but no organisation does. We can always do better, and we do try.

However, the number of services the Council delivers is staggering, and I as one of the Cornwall Councillors is proud of the work the Council does over all.

This short-listing is a significant achievement which reflects the hard work and commitment of officers, Members, and our partners over the past twelve months.

For me, this award is really for the staff, who have continued to work hard for the authority and the people it serves. Staff often do huge overtime, yet they are not paid for this extra work. They do it because they believe in the work the Council does. Huge numbers of staff have had to re-apply for their jobs. This is because of the difficult financial pressure the Council faces with its reduced budget, but increased demand. Despite this turmoil and challenging times, staff have continued to deliver.

Thank you Cornwall Council staff (past and present).

From this short-listing, a team of judges will now visit the Council early in February to talk to Members and officers, with a final presentation being made to the full judging panel on the afternoon of the LGC awards ceremony taking place in London on 16 March. The winner will then be announced during the evening ceremony.

The LGC has also recognised the leadership of its Leader, Cllr John Pollard. John has been named as one of the most influential people in local government. John Pollard is placed 24th in the Local Government Chronicle’s LGC 100 list for 2016.

The list, which includes national and regional politicians, government ministers, civil servants and think tank representatives, looks ahead to who the panel of judges believe will exercise most influence in 2016. Judges are instructed to consider who will have the greatest influence, rather than who they would like to see holding power.  Candidates are assessed on the strength of their leadership, the breadth and depth of their influence, and the extent to which there is evidence their work is leading to change elsewhere.

John Pollard is the only person from a southern council to make the top 25 on the list, with the judges highlighting his role in successfully negotiating the country’s first non-metropolitan devolution deal for Cornwall.

Well done John.








  • Gilly Zella Martin

    Well done all at Cornwall Council. Councillor John Pollard is certainly the best leader that Cornwall Council, and indeed former councils, has had. The cabinet is also the most effectual that Cornwall Council has seen. Good luck in March.

  • Joe

    I can’t see Cornwall County Council winning that one. GZ Martin clearly has an ulterior motive for saying what she has.
    Its just another false carrot by the government.

  • Joe

    So much for democracy that Cornwall Council boast about, you’ve failed to add my comment Cllr Wallis.

  • Andrew Wallis

    It has been posted 🙂

  • Jenny

    That’s an untrue and unkind comment about Gill, by Joe, I hope he’s satisfied. He knows nothing about Gill.

    Cornwall Council has every chance of winning and I really hope they do.

  • Gilly Zella Martin

    Oh well, so someone is allowed to post and acuse me of having an “ulterior motive” (someone obviously does not like me seeing the best in Cornwall Council) I am then not afforded the right to post a reply! (I would not normally have replied but unfortunately it was the last straw of several comments on here aimed at me)

    Someone else is then allowed to comment!

    I suppose that is the thing about life, it does not seem very fair at times.

    I am obviously in the wrong somehow.

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