Cornwall Council Shared Services: Companies with a shadowy past, Pt 2

Yesterday’s blog on the past dealings of Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), and their involvement with the process of Rendition was certainly an eye-opener. It maybe in the past, but a massive concern is CSC have not ruled out doing the same in the future. Which as I said before, should be of interest to Cornwall Council.

I decided to contact Reprieve asking for further information and there have been more than helpful in answering my questions and request for further information. So much so, they told me they had even written to the Leader of Cornwall Council highlighting CSC past. They did this on the 4th of August, and got an acknowledgement reply. Though over three-weeks later no further letter answering Reprieves questions has been forthcoming. You would think the council would be quick to respond to such an important letter?

It is of further concern, that the full council will be debating the issue of shared services this coming Tuesday (4th) and you would think this information would be relevant to the debate. Sadly, I have seen nothing in any of the documentation that would show one bidder has this history. Though it could be argued the debate is on the principle of shared services, not the companies that might be involved. However, I still this it is relevant to know who you are getting into bed with.

It leads me to think there is far more that is being kept from backbenchers in this process. I wish just once, backbench Councillors would be kept inform of important facts. After all, 123 Councillors have been elected to Cornwall Council to serve the people. It is only right all Councillors are given the facts.

Furthermore, questions must be asked to how much checking Cornwall Council did when short-listing the two bidders? A simple search online highlights CSC past, surely Cornwall Council carried out a more detailed search than using Google. Sadly, it does not look like it, or if the council did, decided to ignore that fact CSC had these past dealings.

The only sensible thing that now should be done is the entire share services agenda should be pulled, or stopped completely.

Below is the letter to the Leader of Cornwall Council and details of three ‘rendition missions’

Letter to Leader:


And here are three Rendition Missions:

Rendition Mission: N982RK, 8-11 June 2004

CSC’s Romania Missions

Rendition Mission: N982RK, 25-29 May 2004


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