Cornwall Council sets Council Tax for 2015/16

Today, Councillors at Cornwall Council set the Council Tax rate for 2015/16. The Council Tax rate is made up of three parts; Cornwall Council, town/parish council and the Devon and Cornwall Police and Crime Commissioner’s budget. These three elements make up what you and I pay each year. For the record, the vote on Council Tax was 63 for, 19 against and 19 abstentions

Cornwall Council needs £498.136m for the 2015/16 period. This is made up of £82.319m collected from Business Rates, £174,250m in Government Grants, £8.862m from Collection Fund Surplus which leaves £232,705 to be collected by means of the Council Tax. The total precepts for the town and parish council’s comes to £15,499,788.29. This is an average raise of 11.46% on the town and council precept. The total amount for the Devon and Cornwall Police and Crime Commissioner comes to £95,762,365.44. This is a 1.99% increase on the previous years.

In 2014/15 the Council Tax was set at:

  • Cornwall Council – £1,268.92
  • Crime Commissioner – £166.16
  • Average  Town and Parish Council precept – £77.30
  • Total = £1,512.38 on a Band D property.

For 2015/15 Council Tax will be set at:

  • Cornwall Council – £1,293.92 (a rise of 1.97%)
  • Crime Commissioner – £169.47 (a rise of 1.99%)
  • Average Town and Parish Council precept – £86.18 (a rise of 11.49%)
  • Total = £1,549.57 on a Band D property. This equates to a 2.49% rise.

As I represent Porthleven and Helston West, I will give the figure of the actual town council precepts for both Porthleven Town Council and Helston Town Council.

Porthleven Town Council total precept for 2015/16 is £63,397.62. This means a Band D property would be required to pay £58.60 per year. This equates to £4.80 per month or £1.12 per week. This is a rise of 12.11% from the previous year’s precept of £52.27.

Helston Town Council total precept for 2015/16 is £303,690.00. On a Band D property this would equate to £91.87 per year. Again this can be broken down to £7.60 per month or £1.70 per week. This is a rise of £10.51% on previous years which the precept was set at £83.13.

Let’s be fair to those town and parish councils who have raised their precepts as this is because many have taken on additional responsibilities like toilets, grass cutting and in some cases car parking. These services still have to be paid for and credit should go to them for taking on these services. It is a difficult time for local government, as with the stinging cuts imposed on local authorities by the Government, plus increased demand on services, Cornwall Council cannot afford to do all it used to. I wish was different, but when you lose ten’s of millions in cash terms by ways of Government grants, services will have to change.

For those wishing to know the precept for their own town and parish council should click HERE.



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  • Gill Zella Martin

    Why are there abstentions, I do not think there should be abstentions from any voting issues unless of course a councillor holds a prejudicial interest in something. Surely councillors should make decisions and stand by them.

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